The Semco range of teak products is the best solution that should solve your worries about wooden surfaces on the boat.
Semco is known worldwide as the best teak protection and is available in 5 different shades.
Semco teak sealer provides long-lasting protection of natural appearance. The longest lasting Teak sealer on the market and during the season, it can be renewed without deep cleaning of teak. It repels water so that the surface is not slippery and alleviates the wear of the teak deck due to frequent maintenance.
Semco is a protective coating for teak exterior decks, but also the preservation of other wooden surfaces, such as furniture. It is characterized by long-lasting protection after which you will no longer need to deeply clean the pores in the wood. Semco impregnation does not require any special preparation, except for a clean and dry surface. The surface on which it is applied must be dry and must not be applied to surfaces that are directly exposed to strong sun and high temperatures. In order for the application to be as complete as possible, the agent should be mixed more often and applied along the pores. It is recommended to apply a minimum of two coats, so that the second coat is applied immediately after applying the first. For older teak, which has a higher permeability, it would be recommended to apply as many as three coats of Semac. Under normal circumstances, the wood should be dry to the touch within an hour and ready for use after as little as 24 hours. It should be borne in mind that cold or humid weather will slow down the drying process. Semco is represented and sold in Croatia by the company LOA doo.

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