SureSeal™ Drip Free Self-Aligning Shaft Seal

The SureSeal Shaft Seal is a drip-free, self-aligning propeller shaft seal that is OEM equipment on many well known brands and types of vessels. The SureSeal supports propeller shaft sizes ranging from 1 inch up to 8 inches and from 25 millimeters to 160 millimeters.

Key Features of the SureSeal include:

ABS and Lloyds Type Approval.Minimal scheduled maintenanceReplaceable Lip Seal while in the water (with Spare Seal Carrier Installed).No Winterization is necessary but winterization fluids will NOT harm the SureSeal. Easy to Install.


Made from fiber-reinforced composite material, the housing is strong, durable and compact. The SureSeal® is dimensionally unaffected by temperature and will not absorb water.


The integral PTFE bearing extends the operating life of the SureSeal® under normal operating conditions.


Connecting the SureSeal® to the vessel is now easier with an “articulating hose”. This hose design automatically positions the SureSeal® the correct operating distance from the stern tube. No measurements are required – installation is simplified. The articulating hose reduces side loads to the SureSeal® when shaft misalignment occurs. As a result, lip seal and bearing life are extended.


The SureSeal® design incorporates a removable front cap which improves access to the lip seal. A worn lip seal can be replaced, even while the vessel is in the water, restoring the “100% watertight” characteristic of the SureSeal®.


The SureSeal water injection fitting is made from 316 stainless steel. Depending on the propeller shaft size, it comes in 3/8 or 1/2 inch sizes. A plastic cap is provided with each fitting so that if the injection hose has to be removed, the cap will restrict water flow into the vessel.

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