CMC Marine was founded in 2005 with the aim to offer a new generation of control and stabilizing systems meticulously designed and built. From the beginning the Company has invested considerably in R&D, in collaboration with Italy’s best universities, with shipyards’ technical departments and with technical partners. Through the years, CMC Marine has developed several innovative products: launched in 2008, Stabilis Electra was world’s first electrically actuated stabilizing system, and was granted European Patent n° 2172394 in 2012. Since then, CMC Marine has kept investing in R&D relentlessly, releasing to the market several innovations: “Dia-Log” control software – which was granted an European patent in 2013 – followed by CMC’s unique integrated stabilizing and steering system. And a lot more is ready to be launched in the next future.

CMC Marine’s headquarters, manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in Pisa (Tuscany), but CMC Marine’s presence extends to the areas where yachts are operated through Service Network.

Today CMC Marine’s innovative products are installed on Superyachts produced by the majority of world’s leading shipyards, who have chosen to rely on CMC Marine’s quality, innovation and reliability.



Dualis Electra is the electrical Thruster developed by CMC Marine, the answer to a market which is increasingly demanding for electric thrusters with a high thrust/power ratio, and the maximum compactness. It uses a new generation of electrical motors that, coupled with the up-to-date CMC Marine pod, offers all the advantages of the electrical thrusters, while volume and weight of the entire system are dramatically reduced.


HS – High Speed System

The HS System is an evolution of the SE Stabilis Electra System, optimized for planing yachts that can reach over 24 knots.

The HS system has some notable improvements compared to the previous model, including: greater optimization of the fin profile for better performance and a reduction of resistance; updated electronics for even faster and more controlled performance in addition to the ability to control integrated systems (for example, steering or intruder) together with the fins.




Directa has already been installed on more than 100 yachts and it is available in four different sizes: Directa 80, 100, 120 and 140.

CMC Marine’s steering system is suitable for installations on yachts from 25 to 80 meters.

Directa needs 230V AC 1PH power supply for inverters in normal operation and 24V DC for the emergency motor (available for Directa 100, Directa 120 and Directa 140) and can control the rudders independently.

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