Muir Winches, Windlasses and Anchoring Equipment

Since 1968. Built to last

Located deep in the wild Southern Ocean, Tasmania’s harsh and
challenging marine environment means that anything made here must
be made well. And it must be made to last.
It’s here that for over 55 years Muir has been designing and
manufacturing anchoring systems and mooring equipment that have
withstood the test of time, and the test of nature.
With a comprehensive quality assurance system to ensure durability
and safety, our anchoring systems, mooring and deck equipment are
respected for their quality and performance.
From a 5-metre vessel to the world’s largest mega yachts, Muir products
are requested around the globe and used exclusively by leading
recreational and commercial maritime brands including Riviera,
Maritimo and Telwater.
A national network of experienced sales managers, combined with a
trusted international distribution network, ensures that Muir is led by
knowledge to deliver quality to you, no matter the size of your vessel.

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