Dear our partners and clients,

We wanted to inform you that LOA d.o.o. received direct representation for FENDEQUIP, a company engaged in the production of fenders, fender covers and similar mooring products. 

We would briefly quote their summary: 

“Fendequip was formed in 2004 and is now a leading name in the design and manufacture of bespoke mooring products including maxistow inflatable fenders, fender covers, fender hooks and deck gear – with an outstanding reputation for quality amongst Yachts, Captains, Boat-builders, Re-fit yards and OEM’s. “ 


We are glad that we have become dealers in the Adriatic area (Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro), and we will strive to achieve greater success.

  • Hypalon Fenders
  • Polyurethane Fenders
  • Solid Foam Transom Fenders
  • Inflatable FlatTransom Fenders
  • HDPVC Fenders
  • Day Shapes and Anchor Balls
  • Neoprene Fender Covers
  • Acrylic Fender Covers
  • Pumps & Spares
  • Personalised Fender Covers
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