Why AB

There are countless reasons for choosing an AB Inflatable as your tender, but there are just as many reasons for choosing an AB Inflatables as your primary boat.


Born in 1969, this year AB lnflatables is celebrating over 50 years of non-stop production. Today, we are proud to say that our products have touched almost every corner of the globe and have earned the trust of thousands of customers.


Our superior rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), manufactured with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, are recognized and admired worldwide. Designed for recreational use, commercial operations and jet segments, they are available in over than 80 models.

Every AB model has a unique forward hull design that creates a raised bow and enhances performance by enabling easier planning with less horsepower. This allows the boat to cut through wakes and chop, virtually eliminating spray. The result is a smoother, more stable, and drier ride than any other inflatable boat on the market.


We build each AB rigid inflatable boat with exceptional standards using only the finest materials. We travel the world to procure superior components, working with the most reliable and respected suppliers in the marine industry. The result is an inflatable boat of unmatched craftsmanship and quality equal to that found on the most prestigious yachts.

AII of our console models feature steering and control systems provided by SeaStar Solutions” , the marine industry’s leading manufacturer of such products.

Our dinghy chaps and covers are made with Sunbrella, the most advanced fabric on the market – breathable, water- and UV-resistant and eco-friendly.

Dedication to quality in our boats extends to stainless steel bow and stern eyes from EPCO, a trusted NMMA member company that is ISO 9001registered.

Our tubes feature ORCA engineered fabrics, manufac­tured by Pennel & Flipo. They deliver industry-leading weather, chemical and abrasion resistance, and are ISO 9001BV Certified (ISO 6185, ISO 15372). Even the smaller AB tenders are made with 820 Orca® CSM Fabric which results in extra protection and, with it, greater resistance and durability, No lower grade than 820 Orca® CSM Fabric is used on any AB lnflatable boat.

Our ROS fuel tanks are NMMA certified ISO 9001 and ISO 10088. This company has over 50 years building quality aluminum products and their tanks are built in accordance with ABYC & NMMA regulations.

Quality components from Attwood, with the expertise that comes from more than 120 years in the marine industry, ensure reliability and safety in each of our inflatable boats.

We are supplied by industry leader Blue Sea Systems who meet ABYC, NMMA and are ISO 9001 certified.

Our boat’s components come from ABYC member Pacer Group, which has more than 40 years of experi­ence providing materiaIs for the most prestigious yacht brands.

Each of our aluminum inflatable boats feature Axalta coatings (previously known as DuPont Performance Coatings). An industry mainstay for more than 150 years and with customers in more than 130 countries. The company holds ISO 9001/ISO TS 16949 certifications.

Non-skid decks on our rigid inflatable boats are manufactured by SeaDek. These decks are made from soft durable, UV resistant EVA material specifically designed for the marine environment

LEO navigation and anchor lights on our inflatable boats are manufactured by Perko, an ABYC charter member whose products are USCG and ISO 9001 certified.

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